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Whether you are in the field of education of looking for self-development, my books are guaranteed to help you become your best self and motivate you to continue walking in your purpose.

What you’ll get:

-First hand advice on balancing your work and home life.

-Solutions to instructional planning and classroom management.

-Tools you need for effective goal setting to create the life you want to live.

Closer to Purpose Than You Think is my 30 day self-paced success guide designed to help you recognize your self-worth, prioritize your goals, and speak life into your dreams. In this book I share ways to create clarity in your daily to day life that leads to productivity and celebration of self. You’ll learn how to command your life with authority and live as the person you were wonderfully made to be.

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12 Ways to Survive Your First Year of Teaching is geared towards new teachers as they learn how to navigate through their experiences to find what works in their instructional setting,read and understand that they are not alone in their journey because even veteran teachers have periods of adjustments as well, and trust the process and learn that being a teacher is about the students and once they trust you the real education begins.

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My Fourth Year in Middle School: The Truth About Teaching is my journey on transitioning careers and becoming an effective teacher to the students she serves. This book provides insight on how to cope as a new teacher adjusting to a new working environment. It richly recalls the obstacles faced teaching at-risk, African-American youth at a southern middle school for eight years. The author centers the book around her experiences and lessons learned as a classroom teacher while balancing life.

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